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Arman Hospital was opened in June 2018 to provide desirable and needed services to the society. Arman Hospital has 2,000 square meters of land, 8,440 square meters of infrastructure and 100 beds, with 198 shareholder doctors and 247 guest doctors. Arman Hospital has departments of general surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, beauty, internal medicine, delivery block, women and newborns, general ICU, neonatal ICU, radiology laboratory, CCU, 16-slice CT scan, ultrasound, mammography, density Bone, physiotherapy, audiometry and speech therapy, nutrition clinic, skin and hair clinic, pharmacy.

List of doctors

Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Taha Anbara


Dr. Sohrab keyhani

Maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Amir Reza Motabar

plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Mohsen Fadaee


Dr. Shirin Shams

General Surgery

Dr. Naser Malekpour


Dr. Mohammad Reza safarinejhad

General Surgery

Dr. Shahram Manouchehri


Dr. Soodabe Matin


Dr. Sara Mirzendeh del


Dr. Bijhan Valiollahi


Dr. Khashayar Ahmadi

Maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Hamed Kermani

Maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Hooman Ganji Khosravi

General practitioner

Dr. Vida Nazari

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Dr.Taha Anbara

Dr. Taha Anbra is a general surgery specialist and has been active in the field of bariatric surgery, laparoscopy and other types of surgery for many years and has a specialized board of general surgery from the University of Tehran.
In 2015, he was selected as an exemplary physician in the field of ethics, and in 2013, as an exemplary physician of the medical system, as well as an exemplary physician of the year.
The establishment of the surgery department of Tabriz International Hospital is one of the other successful services of this doctor.

Dr.Sohrab Keyhani

Orthopedic specialist – specialist in knee surgery


Orthopedic graduate from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Graduated with specialization in knee surgery and sports injuries from the University of Versailles, France
Associate Professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences


Winner of the Best Paper Award from the Society of Orthopedic Joint Surgery Congress
Winner of the best article award in two international congresses of knee surgery and sports injuries

Dr.Amir Reza Motaabar

He is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and a member of the Iranian Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons Association. The reputable doctor, after obtaining a board degree in general surgery and performing many surgeries and gaining skills and experience, has succeeded in obtaining a board degree in plastic surgery with the highest rank from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Having numerous history of nose, face and peri-orbit (eyelid) cosmetic surgeries is one of the strengths of this cosmetic surgeon. In addition to treatment, he is also active in the field of teaching and research and is currently a member of the academic staff and assistant professor of the Faculty of Medicine. He has also published many articles in Persian and English medical journals.
From the beginning of his professional career, the reputable doctor has always tried to provide treatment methods and cosmetic surgery techniques based on the principles and standards of modern science. He is one of the pioneers in providing cosmetic surgery services. In fact, to present his treatment method to patients in the form of an artistic program at an affordable cost. A reputable doctor’s plastic surgery clinic in Tehran, with a suitable space and the necessary facilities and equipment, is ready to provide minimally invasive cosmetic services in the field of facial rejuvenation, including filler injections, botox injections, and fat injections.
Cosmetic surgery consultation is usually done in Donobet. During these two sessions, patients are provided with the opportunity to get answers to their questions in a friendly and stress-free environment and to gain the necessary knowledge about different treatment methods.
Other services of a reputable doctor’s beauty and plastic surgery clinic include consultation:
* Nasal cosmetic surgeries (primary rhinoplasty – secondary and restorative rhinoplasty – rhinoplasty without surgery)
* Face and neck cosmetic surgeries (classic face and neck lift – mini face lift – lift without surgery)
* Periorbital cosmetic surgery including eyebrow lift – upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery – cheek lift
* Lip lift – lip prosthesis – cheek and chin prosthesis – buccal fat removal
* Genioplasty
* Breast cosmetic surgery (reduction mammoplasty – breast lift – breast prosthesis – breast sagging correction)
* Abdominal cosmetic surgery (classic abdominoplasty – mini abdominoplasty – standard liposuction – lipomatic – visor)
* Liposuction neck-sides-arm-thigh-back
* Drooping and lax skin surgery due to severe weight loss following bypass and sleeve surgeries
* Fat injection in the face, chest and hips
* Repairing scars caused by burns and trauma
* Reconstructive surgeries – cleft palate – repair of peripheral nerves

Dr.Mohsen Fadaei

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, subspecialist in plastic, aesthetic, maxillofacial surgery from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, top rank of the subspecialty board of plastic surgery in the country, specialist in surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, top rank in the specialty board of surgery in the country, doctorate in general medicine from the university Medical Sciences of Tehran, he graduated with honors from Tehran Modares High School.

He is a member of the Iranian Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons Association and has started performing plastic surgeries since 2014 in Erfan, Laleh, Tandis, Arman, Gandhi hospitals and various surgical centers such as Alfa Surgery Clinic, Maryam Surgery Center and Sheikh Surgery Clinic. Bahai have been active. During the years of continuous activity and the high percentage of satisfaction of the clients, they have performed a total of more than ten thousand successful surgeries separately and combined.

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, the best plastic surgeon and the best nose surgeon, focuses on advanced techniques in nose surgery, face and neck surgery, breast surgery and body surgeries. His goal is to provide successful, natural, and at the same time safe results in plastic surgeries to the clients.

Dr.Shirin Shams

Dr. Shirin Shams, surgeon and specialist in gynecology, childbirth and infertility

Dr. Shirin Shams, a surgeon and specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and sterility, has more than 12 years of experience in the specialized field of gynecological medicine, and during this time, she has gained valuable experience in the field of gynecological cosmetic surgeries and laser therapy.

Dr. Shams received his general doctorate in 1374 and spent 5 years of his general medicine course in the field of dermatology and laser. He graduated with a degree in obstetrics and gynecology and provided medical services in Khuzestan for 7 years.

Currently, Dr. Shams, having 12 years of work experience, is currently providing all kinds of medical services in the field of women’s beauty in the area of Tehran city and various medical centers in Tehran.

Among the women’s beauty services provided by Dr. Shirin Shams include:

A variety of vaginal cosmetic surgery procedures, such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, gel and fat injection into the vagina, laser therapy to solve problems caused by aging and menopause, such as vaginal dryness and vaginal narrowing, as well as congenital disorders of the female reproductive system, counseling before Marriage, care during pregnancy and after natural delivery and cesarean section, etc.

Also, Dr. Shams has many articles in the field of women’s expertise and women’s beauty and has held labiaplasty and co2 classes.

The slogan of Dr. Shirin Shams in the field of women’s health: “Prevention and maintaining health is much more preferable than treatment.”

Dr.Naser Malekpour

Associate Professor of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
– Superspecialized fellowship for laparoscopic surgery, bariatric and metabolic surgery
– Subspecialty fellowship in vascular surgery, endovascular
– Founder of the laparoscopic (internal) bariatric and metabolic surgery fellowship at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
– Associate Professor of Surgery, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Dr. Nasser Malekpour has been a faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University for 12 years, and was the vice-chancellor of the general surgery department and head of the department of Modares Hospital. During this period, 61 scientific research articles and 2 book volumes have been published with the title of vascular anatomy and principles of laparoscopy by professor Malekpour.

Dr.Mohammadreza safarinejhad

– Kidney and urinary tract specialist (urology)
– Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad is a surgeon and specialist in kidney and urinary tract diseases (urologist) and subspecialist in andrology from America, his scientific rank is Full Professor. In addition to general urology, his main field of activity is sexual and reproductive disorders and infertility, and he has many research activities in this field. He has more than one hundred and fifty articles in international scientific journals. He has presented several articles in prestigious international conferences. He is a member of American Urology Association, European Urology Association and Societe Internationale d’Urology. He is among the first 100 urologists in the world in terms of scientific rank (H Index).

Dr.Shahram Manouchehri

He has the specialty board of colorectal surgery fellowship, the specialty board of surgery, associate professor of the university
Colorectal diseases such as anal abscess, fistula, hemorrhoids, fissure, colon cancer, rectal cancer, diverticulosis
diverticulitis, gallstones, rectovaginal fistulas, treatment of constipation and involuntary gas or stool, FAP disease surgery
and surgeries for inflammatory bowel diseases, including Crohn’s ulcerative colitis

Dr.Soudabeh Matin

Gynecology and obstetrics surgery from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2008-2008
Scientific records
Publication of scientific articles – Lecturer of Midwifery Department, University of Iran
Membership in associations and unions
– Member of the Iranian Women’s Specialist Association
Member of Telemedicine Association – Iran

Dr.Sara Mirzendeh Del

Surgeon and specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and sterility from Iran University of Medical Sciences has a specialized board and 9 years of specialized medical experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.
Dr. Sara Mir Zinda Del obtained a doctorate in general medicine from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 1381 and then graduated from Iran University of Medical Sciences with a doctorate in gynecology, obstetrics and infertility in 1388. Dr. Sara Mir Zinda Del has a specialized board.

Dr. Sara Mir Zinda Del has presented valuable articles and research in the fields of “HPV virus prevalence and genital warts in addicted women” and “MDR-TB and pregnancy”.

Dr. Sara Mir Zinda Del, with more than 9 years of specialized medical experience in the field of gynecology, childbirth and infertility, provides medical services to patients at Sadeghieh clinic and other medical centers in Tehran, some of these services include pre-marriage counseling, pre-marriage counseling From pregnancy, prenatal care, cesarean and natural childbirth, treatment of infertility, treatment of menstrual disorders, treatment of various infectious and urinary-genital diseases in women, performing pap smear, performing various types of gynecological surgeries such as laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, gynecological cosmetic surgeries and etc.